We are following a major story for those who travel on cruise ships. The CDC has ended COVID-19 rules for the industry. 

UPDATE 7-22-22: Margaritaville At Sea will remove all testing requirements for fully vaccinated guests as of July 23. AND UK cruise operator P&O Cruises will no longer require guests to show proof of a negative test before their cruise. Instead, guests will only need to indicate they have indeed been tested and the result was negative. 


UPDATE 7-21-22: Virgin Voyages is the first to end COVID testing as of July 27, 2022. 

UPDATE 7-19-22: Carnival has made the following statement; "Carnival welcomes the CDC’s decision to replace its current public health protocols with a new set of guidelines for health operations on cruise ships. We will review these once they’re available, but there are no immediate changes to Carnival’s COVID-19 protocols. While planning an upcoming cruise, guests should continue to follow this page, as well as any pre-cruise communications from Carnival." They are referring to their own website in this statement. 

The CDC website is stating different things. On one page it says it will come out with new guidance and on another page it says the program has ended and no further updates will be made. I think the cruise lines are going to have to make their own decisions on this topic but are waiting to see who makes the first move.

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