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Welcome to our site! We’re Christina and Parker of Ragain Adventures, and we love to travel so much that we decided to create a travel blog. We’re two adventure-seekers looking to share our travel tips and tricks with the world. We even started a YouTube Channel to share our beautiful views, delicious food, and secrets only the travel bloggers know.

We always wanted to travel more, and a travel blog lets us do that. We love how we get to travel together as a couple, and we’ve been interested in traveling our whole lives. Here are some fun facts about us:

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Meet Christina

Hello, Christina here. I love traveling, and I’ve been traveling my whole life! I’ve visited almost all 50 states. The only ones I’ve missed are Nebraska, North Dakota, and Hawaii. But I hope to make it to my remaining states someday very soon.

Besides the United States, I’ve visited Europe and Africa, and I’ve even lived in Germany as an exchange student. I loved Germany so much that I took college students on a study abroad trip back to Germany and France.

I’m also big into photography, so I love how traveling allows me to be creative. Different adventures and experiences fuel my creative drive, and it’s always fun to take photos in new locations.

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Meet Parker

I’m Parker! I’ve also traveled in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Israel. I did extensive traveling as a cadet in Civil Air Patrol when I participated in IACE (International Air Cadet Exchange.)

My favorite couples trip was when we spent Y2K at the Magic Kingdom. We loved ringing in the new year with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. My favorite family trip was a road trip to New Mexico in 2011. We did a space tour, which included visiting Roswell, Alamogordo, and Los Alamos. If you’re interested in aliens and/or American History, I’d highly recommend it.

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Overall, we love how traveling encourages you to learn more about different cultures. When you see things through someone else’s eye, you get to know yourself just a little better. We hope to inspire you to go somewhere different and expand your horizons.

We’re happy you’re here! Head over to our YouTube channel to watch our latest travel video, or read our latest blog post.

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