Lane Motor Museum Nashville, TN

In this video, we will tour the Lane Motor Museum including the main showroom floor, backstage area, garage, and backlot. The video will include cars rarely found in the US including a Honda Beat and several Fiats. The museum is home to the largest European Car Collection in the US.

The Lane Motor Museum opened in 2003 in the former Nashville landmark of the Sunbeam Bakery. The Lane Motor Museum has over 550 cars in their collection and house around 150 cars on the main floor. The museum rotates the cars on and off of the museum floor to keep the museum interesting for both first-time and returning guests. The museum has cars from the early 1900s to today as the museum's goal is to education guests about the history of transportation. The Lane Motor Museum also has a goal of keeping all the cars in working order, but they estimate only around 90% are currently capable of driving.

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