Missouri State Penitentiary Exterior and Museum Tour

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Missouri State Penitentiary (https://www.missouripentours.com/) is one of the top ranked locations to visit in Jefferson City, Missouri. Built in 1834, this prison is 100 years older than the famous Alcatraz prison in San Francisco. The penitentiary operated for 168 years as a prison with its first male inmate in 1836, first female inmate in 1842 and its last inmates leaving in 2004. The Missouri State Penitentiary was famous for being one of the more efficient prisons in the country. It was infamous for notorious inmates, riots and violence. In 1967, the Missouri State Penitentiary was nicknamed "the bloodiest 47 acres in the United States." If you are interested in supporting the preservation of this historical site, please visit https://www.missouripentours.com/support/.

Episode 15 - Missouri State Penitentiary by Ragain Adventures
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Exterior and History
01:49 Jefferson City Convention Center and Visitors Bureau
01:59 Museum and Cell Life
02:15 Warden's Office
02:56 Infamous Inmates
03:28 Gas Chamber
03:49 "The Bloodiest 47 Acres"
04:09 Contract Labor
04:27 Art, Fire Brigade, Sponsored Little League Team

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