Sea Day on Mardi Gras 80s Rock-n-Glow Party Celestial Strings Cruise Ducks Travel Vlog Day 5

In this video, we prepared our cruising ducks, attended the SEE the Caribbean show, watched Celestial Strings, and partied at the 80s Rock-n-Glow Party.

Day 5 of our travel adventure was our first Sea Day on the Carnival Mardi Gras. We started our day with Sea Bruch at the Palms Restaurant and found our first cruising duck on our way to brunch. After brunch, we prepared our cruising ducks and hide our first cruising duck on the way to the "SEE the Caribbean" show. At the "SEE the Caribbean show, we learn about shopping, eating, and exploring onboard the Mardi Gras and at port from Brandon, the cruise personal shopper. After the show, we returned to our room to find our first towel animal.

The evening included the Center Stage Show Celestial Strings, our all time favorite Carnival show. We chilled at the Fortune Teller bar until dinner. We partied to classic 80s music at the 80s Rock-N-Glow Party. We ended the night with Late Night Punchliner Comedy at the Main Theater.

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